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CAE Model Input Parameters and Support


Computer models and dynamic simulations are only as good as the data and parameters that go into them.  In this all-important area of product development, Midwest Dynamics can help you improve the quality and accuracy of your digital prototypes.  We effectively bring real world aspects of testing into your computer simulation environment, resulting in better digital prototypes, less redesign, and fewer surprises when you move into physical prototyping.  The following are specific capabilities that Midwest Dynamics offers.


Measurement of
On and Off Road Terrain Profiles


  • Accurate terrain input for multi-body dynamics models

  • Deformable off road terrains

  • Non-deformable hard road surfaces

  • Unaffected by grass and other light vegetation

  • Comprehends the complex tire patch/surface/soil interface

  • Applications include durability, ride, operator vibration exposure, and handling

  • Simple implementation into your models

Dynamic Stiffness and Damping Properties of Tires


  • Accurate determination of dynamic radial stiffness and damping properties

  • Properties obtained from rolling tires on actual surfaces

  • Comprehends the complex tire patch/surface/soil interface

  • Ability to characterize velocity effects

  • Key parameters for multi-body dynamic simulations


of Test Data and Analysis Results

Using our expertise in digital signal processing, combined with our understanding of the modeling and measurement disciplines, we can bridge the gap between results generated by computer models and test data measured on prototypes and mules.

  • Acquisition of key correlation data from mule vehicles, similar machines, or experimental setups

  • Design of experiments to evaluate and validate CAE models

  • Identification of useful correlation parameters

  • Analysis and comparison of computed results and test data to determine if correlation goals are met

  • Correlation data includes forces, moments, displacements, velocities, accelerations, pressures, etc.


Unifying Test and Analysis

Contact us to learn how Midwest Dynamics can support your CAE modeling and experimental testing activities.




We can measure terrains and/or proving ground surfaces at locations you specify. Here are some examples of the types of terrains that you can incorporate into your multi-body dynamic simulations and other applications.  From country roads to farm fields to ATV trails in the woods, we can provide the terrains that you need for accurate loads prediction.












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