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Measurement Engineering Services


Midwest Dynamics provides specialized measurement engineering services including strain gage installation and measurements, experimental stress analysis, selection and evaluation of instrumentation and sensors, transducer design, on-board data acquisition, and data analysis. 


We apply our measurement engineering experience to projects such as determination of design loads, CAE model support, durability test inputs, machine dynamics, fatigue analysis, problem solving, and engineering investigations.


The success of these projects starts with accurate and properly measured test data, which is exactly what Midwest Dynamics will provide for you. 




Measurement Engineering Services

  • On-Board Data Acquisition

  • Data Analysis and Digital Signal Processing

  • Strain Gage Installation and Measurements

  • Strain Gage Rosette Analysis

  • Experimental Stress Analysis

  • Custom Transducer Design and Fabrication

  • Wheel Force Transducer Design/Support

  • Data Acquisition System Selection and Evaluation

  • Sensor Selection and Evaluation

On-board Data Acquisition

Strain Gage Measurements

Rosette Measurement and Analysis

Instrumented Components and Calibration

Data Analysis

System Selection and Evaluation

Sensor Selection and Application

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