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Now scheduling on-site training for 2024

Sensors, Instrumentation, and Digital Data Acquisition

Strain Gage Measurements and Custom Transducer Development

Midwest Dynamics PLC offers short courses in Sensors, Instrumentation, Digital Data Acquisition, Strain Gage Measurements, and Custom Transducer Development. 

The courses are interactive, featuring technical lectures coupled with class exercises and instrumentation workshops to reinforce and illustrate the course content.  


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Customized Training Delivered to Your Facility


Midwest Dynamics will come to your facility to deliver training, resulting in significant savings of travel expenses for your employees.  Get more of your staff trained within your professional development budget.  Class sizes of 4 to 16 can be accommodated.  Class size is limited to 16 students to preserve the effectiveness of the workshops. 


Given the modular design of the course, custom content classes from 1 to 4 days can easily be arranged to meet your organization’s training needs in terms of specific topics and depth of study.








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