Measurements and Data Acquisition Class

Workshops and Demos


Midwest Dynamics has a strong belief that hands-on experience has a lot to do with learning, and we have tried to incorporate this into the measurements courses in a practical way.  The images below highlight some of the workshops and demos that are an integral part of our courses.



Investigate thermal compensation, lead wire effects, shunt calibrations, and differences between 120 and 350 ohm gages.

Calibrate a cantilever beam weigh scale and calculate shunt cal resistor equivalent force with mV/V output.

Wire individual gages into full bridges to measure axial, torsion, transverse shear, and bending loads.

Measure rosette strain gage response from beams under combined loads and calculate the resulting multiaxial stresses. Compare results to theoretical values calculated in class.

Analyze and correct significant crosstalk in a 3D force/torque transducer using matrix methods.

Several workshops incorporate commercial data acquisition systems for real world instrumentation exposure. Customer's systems can also be utilized.