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The Midwest Dynamics Difference


Midwest Dynamics PLC is a licensed professional mechanical engineering firm with extensive experience in engineering measurements, testing, and fatigue.  We excel in the measurement and analysis of dynamic data on vehicles, off road equipment, and machinery. 


Typical data include force, torque, pressure, strain, acceleration, velocity, displacement, and rotation.


Midwest Dynamics has a special focus on determining key parameters for inputs to dynamic simulations as well as collecting correlation data for CAE model validation.  Examples of how we support your analysis team include:


  • on and off road terrain profiles
  • dynamic stiffness and damping of tires
  • test analysis correlation


Key to delivering successful measurements is our ability to analyze and interpret measured data in detail to uncover and understand those often subtle dynamic behaviors which are essential to the solution of important problems.


Midwest Dynamics has many years of experience in the design, fabrication, and use of wheel force transducers and multi-axial load transducers. We will design and build specialized transducers for your unique applications.  We can also strain gage and calibrate components of your equipment and machines to successfully measure hard to obtain operational forces and moments.  If you need to know the loads in your bolted joints, we offer instrumented bolts for this specialized measurement application.


Add a very solid foundation of fatigue analysis and durability test design and Midwest Dynamics becomes your key resource to assist in problem solving and product development projects.

We also understand and emphasize the need for continuing education, so we offer a short course in engineering measurements.  We will teach on-site, saving you significant travel expenses.

All training can be customized for your organization's specific needs.


​Unifying Test & Analysis
Midwest Dynamics offers a comprehensive set of engineering measurement, test, and data analysis capabilities to acquire dynamic operational data, determine realistic inputs and parameters for computer models, correlate test data with analysis results, solve durability and fatigue problems, understand machinery dynamics, and train your engineering staff.

We emphasize measurements training and helping customers improve and validate computer aided engineering (CAE) models.


Our Services
  • Measurement of Dynamic Data

  • Data Analysis and Digital Signal Processing

  • Education and Training

  • Inputs for CAE Dynamics Models

  • Terrain Profile Measurements

  • Off Road Tire Stiffness and Damping Properties

  • Strain Gage Installation and Measurements

  • Strain Gage Rosette Analysis

  • Custom Transducer Design and Fabrication

  • Wheel Force Transducer Design/Support

  • Data Acquisition System Selection

  • Sensor Selection and Evaluation

  • Design Loads Determination

  • Durability Test Program Design

  • Fatigue Analysis and Consulting

  • Servo-Hydraulic Test Rig Design

  • Expert Witness and Litigation Support

Training Opportunities

Short Course Training: Engineering Measurements and Data Acquisition

Feb. 27-29, 2024 - Ann Arbor, MI


Midwest Dynamics PLC offers a 3-day short course training with a 2-day option (see below). 


Course topics include:

  • Sensors, Instrumentation, and Digital Data Acquisition (Days 1 and 2) 

  • Strain Gage Measurements and Custom Transducer Development (Day 3)

Download a sample course brochure here:

The course is interactive, featuring technical lectures coupled with class exercises and instrumentation workshops to reinforce and illustrate the course content.  

For additional course content information, click here:

To request more information

or to schedule customized on-site training for your organization, please contact us.   







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